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Where to stay in Copenhagen...?

It’s one of the first things on your mind when you book a trip to Copenhagen. We’ll figure this out together and help you navigate the decision with a Copenhagen hotel guide to find the lodging and area of the city that meets your needs, interest and budget the best! 

You have a lot of options when it comes to finding the ideal place to stay in Copenhagen. There are fabulous Copenhagen hotels and terrific Airbnb options to consider.  Copenhagen also has hostels that you can book for younger, group or budget travel. 

Read through our guide and make some clicks on the way to ensure you get all the right information to make this all-important decision.

Copenhagen Accommodation FAQs

Before we dig into the good stuff – here’s the most common questions and concerns about finding a Copenhagen hotel or apartment on Airbnb. These are the kinds of questions we get asked when friends and family are planning trips and some of the answers may surprise you. Even if you’re familiar with hotel chains around the world – there may be some differences if you stay in their Copenhagen hotels. 

What are rooms like in Copenhagen hotels?

What you think of a Copenhagen hotel room will depend, of course, on where you stay and what you’re used to. To many Americans, European hotel rooms will seem smaller. This is especially true of Copenhagen hotel rooms too. It’s Scandinavian minimalism, but things are also smaller (especially in the city center) because the buildings are old and were designed hundreds of years ago. It also means you have a lot of character in your accommodations. 

Bedding can be a little different too – there is no “top sheet” and only a duvet or comforter. Most hotels do not have Air Conditioning and you will need an EU plug or adapter on electrical appliances. 

Do Copenhagen hotels have restaurants or bars?

Like most destinations, higher end hotels are likely to have an in-house restaurant or bar. Similarly, 5-star hotels will likely have a concierge to assist you with reservations. Even some 4-star hotels will have a concierge or their reception staff can assist with a recommendation and possibly making a reservation. It’s crucial that you have a reservation for most restaurants in Copenhagen. 

<<< Check out our Copenhagen restaurants page for more information on what to expect and where to eat while you’re in town.

Are there short term rental sites like Airbnb in Copenhagen?

Yes, there are short term rental sites that offer lodging in Copenhagen. It’s very easy to find an Airbnb property using their site or any other short term rental sites. These can be great alternatives for travelers especially because hotels are often fully booked through most of the year. There are many new hotels being built, so Copenhagen is expanding the number of hotel rooms available. Still, short term rentals are a great option. 

Will the staff speak English at a Copenhagen hotel?

Almost everywhere you go in Denmark you’ll be fine getting by on English only. Danes begin learning English at an early age, so hotel staff will often speak Danish, English and a few other European languages. Getting by shouldn’t be 

What are the best neighborhoods for a Copenhagen hotel?

Most tourist attractions are located in the Centrum (City Center) or Vesterbro neighborhoods. City Hall is basically the center of the tourist zone and attractions are centered around them. For this reason, you’ll notice that most of the hotels are centered around this area. You’ll find more Airbnb rentals available in the neighborhoods just outside of the city hall zone. It’s also easy to stay in those neighborhoods and use public transport to reach attractions. You’ll find it very easy to navigate Copenhagen and staying slightly farther out will save you a little money too.

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