Discover Møns Klint: Denmark’s Most Unique Landscape

Discover Møns Klint: Denmark’s Most Unique Landscape

One of the most intriguing natural destinations in Denmark is Møns Klint (Mons Klint or Moens Klint depending what you search). The destination lies on a Baltic Sea island southeast of Copenhagen. It’s about a two hour drive from the capital, so it’s possible to plan as a day trip or a weekend trip from Copenhagen.

Whether you visit for one day or more, we’ll guide you through the trip planning process to see Møns Klint in all of its glory. Read this post to learn what to do in Mons Klint, where to stay and what to expect at one of Denmark’s coolest pieces of nature.

mons klint parking

Møns Klint is a 6km stretch of white chalk cliffs that formed along the southeastern coast of Denmark over 70 million years ago. The chalk cliffs formed from the remains of shells from microscopic creatures that lived on the seafloor during that period. As glaciers swept through the region, the terrain was compacted and thrust upward creating hills, cliffs and folds in the earth.

When you visit Møns Klint you will discover a landscape like none other in the country. It almost feels like you’ve left Europe completely!

How To Get To Mons Klint

The easiest way to reach Mons Klint from Copenhagen is by car. There is no direct route to the site by public transportation. 

The trip will take you about one hour and 45 minutes and you’ll get to drive through a beautiful part of the Danish countryside. In the spring you’ll have gorgeous rapeseed fields with bright yellow hues as far as you can see. This makes spring a great time to visit and you can easily break up the drive by stopping at Camp Adventure along the way. It’s easily possible to rent a car for 24 hours and see both attractions that are south of Copenhagen.

When you reach Mons Klint, you’ll be directed to an access road and parking lot. The lot places you in front of the GeoCenter Møns Klint.

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The GeoCenter At Møns Klint

The most obvious place to place to start at Mons Klint is by hiking the cliffs. A better way to go about things is getting more info about the cliffs in the GeoCenter.

There you’ll learn all about the geology and nature of the area and it’s makes your experiences on the cliffs more interesting. You can better link what you observe to the science of the site and the interactive exhibits are great for visitors of any age.

Inside the GroCenter you will be amazed by exhibitions that trace Denmark’s birth. They walk you through the geological record from prehistoric times 70 million years ago to the land you’re standing on the day of your visit.

There are several cavernous booths making up the main exhibition hall where artists represent their view of the birth of Denmark. As you walk through the gallery you will learn more about the different periods of life in the area through each era of the fossil records. Sea urchins, mega-sharks and other dinosaurs line the halls and you learn of how fossils have been discovered as the chalk cliffs eroded into the sea.

The interactive exhibits are great for families. You’ll also find kids’ favorites including a 3D film and treasure hunt.

What To Know About Hiking Møns Klint

When you set off to hike the cliffs, you have a few trail options. Often there are helpful guides to give you a quick overview but there are also signs marking the course with distances and estimates for how long they take to hike. The estimated time needed for each hike is based on a family, so if you’re an adult or group of adults you can assume your trek will take less time.

There is a north and south route or you can walk them both. The portion that descends and then ascends the cliffs is navigated by boardwalks built into the chalk cliffs. There are benches and lookouts where you’ll want to stop on your way to the shoreline and as you climb back to the top.

mons klint denmark boardwalks

Be prepared for a mild hike down to the shoreline. Again, you’ll find many photo spots on the hike down and will want to take your time to take in the views and capture photos to take home and of course plaster all over your social media.

The boardwalk steps you descend are sturdy and easy to walk on. For visitors with mobility issues or that have trouble with steps this portion could be difficult. The rim of the cliffs at the top should be navigable for most visitors, even if they have trouble with steps. 

mons klint photo stops

Once you reach the shoreline beneath Mons Klint, you will have incredible views of the sea and the cliffs from below. The sand and rocky shore shifts beneath your feet, so make sure that you wear sturdy shoes and tread carefully during this portion of the hike.

As you hike the shoreline you’ll notice the erosion of the chalk cliffs that has occurred over the years. You’ll also notice the different types of rocks that make up the shoreline which you can learn about in the GeoCenter before your hike.

mons klint shoreline
mons klint rocks denmark

From the shoreline below Mons Klint you will reach one of the multiple stairs that ascent the cliff to the rim above. The climb to reach the top of the cliffs is more strenuous and may require more breaks. The steepest drop is over 120m from the top to the bottom and the stairs are the longest set in Denmark. 

The good thing about hiking back up to the top is that when you want to stop for a break you have breathtaking views and plenty of photo opportunities.

mons klint denmark climb

Once you reach the top of the stairs and catch your breath, you’ll have a great hike back to the visitors center and parking area. The hike back is incredible with lookouts and more magnificent views of this stunning natural landscape.

The rim of the cliff is just over 6km so if you hike the entire rim it can take quite some time to finish. Along the way you’ll be rewarded with more views that somehow seem to get better and better as you cover more ground. 

The terrain can be difficult for those with mobility issues, but the hills are mostly manageable and there are fewer stairs to navigate on the hike around the rim of the cliffs.

Staying Over in Møns

The white chalk cliffs of Mons Klint are the highlight of any trip to Møns, but it offers a lot more for those that visit.

You can plan an extended trip and enjoy some of the best Baltic Sea diving and sailing in the region. The town of Møns is also a quaint and picturesque Danish destinations which is full of summer house rentals, boutique stores and seafood restaurants. 

If you decide to stay over in Møns here are some suggestions for staying over:

Bakkegaard Møns Klint

Bakkegaard Møns Klint is a lovely bed and breakfast that caters to those visiting Møns Klint who want to stay over and explore the beauty of the island of Møns for more than just a day trip. They serve organic and sustainable food and offer hiking, cycling and Baltic Sea activities.

Marina Park

Marina Park offers simple rooms with shared bathrooms in a popular property over a Baltic Sea marina. The property has a bar, sauna and even an event space. If you’re looking for a budget-friendly place to stay over and you want to avoid camping – this is the place!

Liselund New Castle

Liselund is a great place to stay and only 2 km from the cliffs. It’s a unique property with rooms in a castle and tower built in 1887. The refined rooms are well-appointed and the gardens that surround the property are romantic. This is the perfect spot for couples who want to plan a nature getaway from Copenhagen.

Now You Know Everything About Visiting Mons From Copenhagen

Now you know what to expect when you visit Mons Klint and the island of Møns. It’s an incredibly beautiful area of Denmark that you’d be sad to miss if you don’t plan a trip there. Whether you want to do a day trip from Copenhagen or plan a weekend getaway – you will love this wonderful nature retreat in Denmark.

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