Copenhagen Spring: A Guide for the Season

Copenhagen Spring: A Guide for the Season

When Spring hits Copenhagen, the city comes alive. It’s an exciting time to visit the Danish capital, and you can’t help but get caught up in the excitement of Copenhagen spring. After a long, dark winter – locals flood the streets. If you’ve visited the city in the winter you would understand why. In the depths of Winter, Copenhagen sees just 7 hours of daylight, so when the light balance reverses it’s like a daily celebration. On a sunny spring day, you will notice people outside all over the city. Locals fill every park bench in the parks and along the harbor and canals. You can’t walk far outside without seeing a couple or a group of friends sharing a bottle of beer, wine or a soda with street food. Spring in Copenhagen is a little bit magical and there are a lot of things to do in Copenhagen in the spring.

What to do in Copenhagen in the spring?

If you’re wondering, “What’s Copenhagen like in the spring?” just know that it’s great. Every season of the year, Copenhagen is like a new city with new things to do. Here are a couple suggestions to get your Copenhagen spring trip planning started.

Copenhagen Street Food

Street Food has become a major representation of the Copenhagen culinary scene. Even some of the best restaurants in the city have taken their Michelin Stars and jumped into the street food scene. This is really cool for visitors and locals alike. Street food brings people outside and has created some vibrant and super fun outdoor spaces around the city.

Even better, since many restaurants have opened food stands around town, visitors can try out their cuisines without committing to and paying for a full menu experience. Read more about the amazing street food option in Copenhagen and incorporate them into your itinerary – most are located near other attractions and all of them are easily reached using public transportation.

Enjoy a Copenhagen spring picnic

Another great activity for your spring Copenhagen is a classic picnic. Whether you’re traveling solo, as a couple, group of friends or a family – Copenhagen picnics in spring are a must! There’s nothing more quintessentially spring in Copenhagen than to find a park, a blanket, some food, and drink and share some picnic memories. Even if the weather isn’t super warm, the locals swarm the parks and green spaces to picnic on a spring Copenhagen day. The most visited park in Copenhagen is The Kings Garden or Kongens Have. It surrounds Rosenborg Slot (Castle) and when the sun is out you’ll find it packed with picnicking friends enjoying the view in the gardens.

Tip: Check out Restaurant Garden for take-away picnic baskets. They can pack up a selection of tapas and snacks for 2 people as well as wine for a spring Copenhagen picnic. On weekends they open at noon and from 4 pm Tuesday through Friday.

Tivoli Gardens in spring

If you’ve done any other research before your trip to Copenhagen – you know Tivoli is the place to see in Copenhagen. It opens each April for Tivoli Gardens peak season and it’s magical. Tivoli inspired Walt Disney and you can tell when you explore the grounds. It’s fun for visitors of all ages: the rides, the concerts, the manicured gardens, and all the seasonal entertainment – you’ll love Tivoli in the spring.

Get a good view of the city

One great part of Copenhagen is that the buildings in the city center are no more than six-stories high. That means that when you get a vantage point higher than that – you’re in for a treat. There are a number of great spots to catch a view in Copenhagen and spring temperatures and sunnier days make for great views and photo opportunities. Whether you climb the Round Tower or do a tour of City Hall Tower – find a place to get a springtime view.

Boat around Copenhagen

One of the best ways to see Copenhagen is from the water. We suggest a boat tour in pretty much every Copenhagen itinerary we suggest. There are a couple of options for guided canal tours around Copenhagen – they’re all about 90 minutes long and some have hop on hop off options. You can also find other ways to enjoy Copenhagen’s waterways like chartering your own electric boat – with or without a captain.

Copenhagen spring festivals

Depending when in spring you visit Copenhagen, there’s probably a fun festival to enjoy. Every year, Copenhagen has a full slate of outdoor festivals from spring through fall. Some are music related, like Distortion, others center around the arts like CPH:Dox and others celebrate food and drinks like Copenhagen Beer Festival. Learn about the events going on in Copenhagen before your trip.

Get your Copenhagen spring fitness fix

Danes are very fit people who love physical activity – so spring is the perfect time to jump into some physical activity in Copenhagen. Many parks have exercise equipment for an outdoor workout. Some favorite spots for locals are to visit the running and walking trails around “the lakes”. They’re three rectangular lakes that wrap around the Western edge of the city and full of locals and tourists enjoying a scenic stroll or run. You can also rent a kayak and get a workout in while paddling the waters of Copenhagen’s canals and harbor. 

Wherever your Copenhagen spring activities take you – you’ll love the city during this season. You may still need a jacket and it’s not nearly beach weather, but the Copenhagen charm is palpable. 

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