Camp Adventure: Copenhagen Day Trip

Camp Adventure: Copenhagen Day Trip

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Copenhagen may be known as the City of Spires, but one of Denmark’s best towers lies an hour south of the city.


What is Camp Adventure

Camp Adventure is a park that has a mission of making nature accessible to visitors. They use Denmark’s native beech and oak forest as a staging area for not only presenting nature, but also delivering a memorable experience. The signature element of the park is the Forest Tower, a 45 meter (147 foot) tall hourglass structure that rises above the trees and provides views as far as Sweden.

Besides the Forest Tower, Camp Adventure offers a climbing park and  “glamping” that make it perfect for a day (or overnight) trip from Copenhagen.

Admission to the Forest Tower is 150 DKK (20 EUR), with children 3-6 years old 65 DKK (2 and under free). The climbing park is 325 DKK (44 EUR) for adults 15 and older, 225 DKK for kids 7-14 and 125 DKK for kids 3-6. Combo tickets offer a discount of about 50 DKK per ticket, and a further 15 DKK per ticket can be saved if you purchase online at least one day prior to your visit.

Forest Tower at Camp Adventure

The Forest Tower (Skovtårnet) opened in 2019 and has rapidly become an iconic part of the greater Copenhagen area. The tower rises 45 meters (147 feet) above the forest floor in a unique hourglass shape. You reach the top of the tower by following a spiral ramp that slowly lets you rise above the trees.

You reach the tower after about a 1 km hike through the woods. The path is easily accessible by strollers and wheelchairs, as it has wooden decking. This also ensures that you can stay dry and mud-free even if you are experiencing the wet Danish climate.

As you ascend the tower you will feel like a bird slowly climbing from the forest floor, seeing the surrounding trees and feeling the wind pickup as you rise. Above the treetops, the beauty of Denmark lies all around you. The forest is filled with the beech and oak trees native to the area. Farms surround the forest, and windmills abound spinning furiously in the Danish breeze. To the east you see the Baltic Sea. To the northeast you find Sweden, the land just beyond the sea. And just further north on a clear day you can make out some of the spires of Copenhagen and the towers of the Øresund Bridge.

You will be mesmerized by both the beauty of the area, and the stunning symmetry of the tower itself.

forest tower

Climbing Park at Camp Adventure

In addition to the Forest Tower, Camp Adventure offers ten climbing courses for adventurers of all ages.

For young children, there are nets to climb and barrels to crawl through. For older children and adults there are wires between trees to walk along, trapezes to swing from, and zip lines to hang from. But the highlight of the course is a 475 meter (1560 foot) long zip line that is currenly Norther Europe’s longest.

Glamping at Camp Adventure

Starting in 2020, Camp Adventure offers overnight stays in yurts. The accommodations are hardly spartan, as there are bathroom facilities and wi-fi available. The yurts are perched on platforms overlooking a forest lake, and have glass dome in the roof to offer views of the night sky. The adventure is not cheap, as a four-person tent will cost about 4000 DKK/night (540 EUR).

How to Get to Camp Adventure

The easiest way to get to Camp Adventure is by car. The park is located about one hour south of Copenhagen, and is just off the E47 motorway. Parking costs 50 DKK (about 7 EUR).

If you don’t have a car, you can take a bus to Camp Adventure. The trip is longer, taking nearly 2 hours each way. The trip will require at least two transfers, so be sure to consult before you leave, as the trains and buses outside Copenhagen only run every 30-60 minutes.

From Copenhagen, take the S-Tog (regional train) to Køge Station via the E line. These trains run every 10 minutes during the day, and can be taken from major train stations like Nørreport Station or Central Station (København H). From Køge Station, you will take either a local train or bus line, depending on your timetable. But at the end, you will switch to the 630R bus, stopping at Sydmotorvejen (Ny Næstvedvej).

If you buy a single-use ticket, it will cost about 240 DKK (32 EUR) to travel round-trip. If you have a Rejsekort (a contactless card for public transit in Denmark), the cost will be about 150 DKK (20 EUR). With a valid Copenhagen Card, you can use it for free travel to Køge Station, but then will need to purchase a ticket to travel further. If you have any questions, be sure to consult a DSB representative to avoid any costly fines.

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