Breakfast Copenhagen Style: where to brunch at

Breakfast Copenhagen Style: where to brunch at

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When it comes to finding breakfast in Copenhagen, you have a few options to start your search. Breakfast and brunch are a more simple meal in Denmark. You’ll find the same staples as you would anywhere else: eggs, bacon, bread. The main difference is in the Copenhagen breakfast eateries. Unlike cities such as London and New York, Copenhagen is not the place to seek out bottomless champagne specials and bloody mary cocktails.

Breakfast is a more simple meal and it’s more functional than anything else. Often, a Danish breakfast consists of a buttered roll with cheese or with coffee and cake. These simple breakfast options, along with pastries, are found in Danish coffee shops and cafes around the city of Copenhagen. There are Copenhagen brunch spots, but don’t expect a booze-filled event where the mimosas flow. You’ll have excellent food and can sometimes order cocktails, but the star of Copenhagen breakfast is still the food. Here is our roundup of some excellent Copenhagen breakfast spots to start your day. We divided the top contenders into two categories: coffee shop cafes and breakfast restaurants.

Coffee Shop Cafes

breakfast Copenhagen

Here is a list of our favorite coffee shop cafes around Copenhagen. They all serve breakfast foods and offer seating for you to enjoy a light Copenhagen breakfast with your coffee. They’re certainly not brunch spots or breakfast restaurants and they don’t have a wide selection of breakfast food. However, they still do the trick and can get your day started well. In addition to these cafes, there are many chain coffee shops and bakeries in the city. It shouldn’t be hard to find those, but we have a separate guide to the chain coffee shops in Copenhagen. You’ll notice coffee shop cafes in every corner of the city – Danes love coffee and drink it all hours of the day. While there are plenty of options around town, we chose ones that we love which are located in tourist zones, near hotel clusters and attractions.

Bredgade 45

Mormor’s is located near the Marble Church and the Royal Amalienborg Palace. It’s decorated in a quirky and fun motif that makes you feel like you’re at your grandmother’s house for coffee. In fact, Mormor is the danish word for (maternal) grandmother – so it’s a fitting ambiance. The staff is super friendly and they serve breakfast until 10:00 am and their menu is short. Items include oatmeal, a breakfast casserole and cakes with plenty of coffee drinks.

Strandgade 108

Restaurant 108 is one of the premier restaurants in Copenhagen (you should think about going there for dinner) and their coffee house venture, The Corner at 108 is genius. They serve all kinds of breakfast cakes and pastries and brew fantastic coffee. The interior is classically designed and it also serves great views of the Christianhavn waterfront. They serve hot dishes as well like sausages, scrambled eggs, and oatmeal along with cold breakfast like yogurt and apple salad. Breakfast is served until about 2:30 pm.

Larsbjørnsstræde 23

 Next Door Cafe is fun, hip and delicious. Their healthy food is prepared fresh on site and their prices are reasonable and their staff is the nicest! You’ll want to try their breakfast pastries and a latte. They also make a mean iced coffee and play great music. The interior is the kind of place where you can feel at ease and relax for hours. They open at 7:00 am on weekdays and at 9:00 am on weekends. 

Refshalevej 213A

Lille is located near Reffen street food and is a similar upstart bakery with breakfast that will knock your socks off. The bakery was opened by former pastry chefs from Noma and their venture carries on the tradition of Copenhagen culinary greatness. Their breakfast items are freshly baked right before your eyes and you get them served directly to you fresh from the over. You have to try their delicious sausage roll or egg toast.  If you’re vegetarian, you can’t refuse their sourdough bread and jam. You can even take home some fresh-baked bread. They’re open for breakfast from Wednesday through Sunday 8:00 am until 5:00 pm.

Peblinge Dossering 4

Social Cafe is one of the most adorable spots in Copenhagen for coffee and a light breakfast. They whip up a fantastic cappuccino and have a daily menu that includes fresh baked pastries and quiche and porridge. The cafe is cozy and a great example of Danish hygge. You’ll visit for breakfast and a coffee and will hardly want to leave – which is fine because they serve excellent open-faced sandwiches for lunch.


Helgolandsgade 21 (Vesterbro) Studiestræde 36 (City Hall)

There are a couple Risteriet locations in Copenhagen and they’re both great for a coffee and a quick bite to eat. Their staff is friendly, their WiFi is strong and they serve excellent coffee. If you want a panini, yogurt and granola or a warm roll with cheese – they serve great quick bites. If you love a good iced coffee drink in the summer, they make it the best in Copenhagen.

Breakfast Restaurants in Copenhagen

Århusgade 38 (Osterbro)and Elmegade 15 (Norrebro)

Laundromat Cafe is a concept that evolved from the idea that you should be doing something better than sitting alone when waiting for your laundry to be done. You can go there to eat and socialize with or without your dirty clothing. Laundromat Café serves breakfast daily from 9 am to 11:30 and is open for breakfast until 2:00 pm on weekends. It’s a great menu for breakfast including pancakes, omelettes, avocado toast and scrambled egg dishes. 

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